Looking for tutors: community outreach opportunity

Congrats to Chicago non-profit A Knock at Midnight! AKAM received the Upward Bound grant, allowing them to provide long-term, wrap-around academic and social/emotional support to students at 2-3 South side high schools, seeing students to and through college. We’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with AKAM, and BTEC’s goal is to provide high-quality, low-cost tutors to build relationships with students and offer direct academic support in both specific content-areas and with general study skills. BTEC is looking for dedicated tutors - minimal time commitment - who can address academic skills while building relationships and creating individualized interventions, based on students’ u

RELATUS episode 2 | the footnotes

If you liked RELATUS episode 2, our interview with future alderman Kendra, you simply must sample the footnotes, hot off the press! In the words of our producer Sarah G. "It's like listening to Brea read a 9 page research paper, in a good way." First give the episode a listen, and then consult our handy research brief, the real meat and potatoes of the footnotes, to find references for the data we used and extensions if you hear something that piques your interest. Keep listening and sharing, and be on the lookout for RELATUS episode 3, where we go deep with grief.

It's official... we're a CPS vendor!

We've been ready and raring to help identify and address any gaps that have begun to emerge now that the school year is in full swing, and now it's official! As a CPS vendor, BTEC offers staff workshops and professional development, student support services including small group and individual counseling, and general consulting services. Check out our experience page for more examples of what we've done, and reach out on our website or through email if you want to chat more about how BTEC can support your school community! What else is new at BTEC? Well, if you haven't heard Episode 2 of Relatus be sure to check it out this weekend - hear from Kendra, a current UIC sophomore studying urban p

BTEC wants your stories

November is upon us... the first quarter is wrapping up, the days are getting shorter and the cold is creeping in. Wouldn't you love to cozy up with our podcast Relatus, and listen to stories from young people, educators and activists? We're excited about episode 2, dropping later this week (!), and will have some supplemental material available for you shortly thereafter... But in the meantime, we want to hear YOUR stories. Are you a student, former student, educator, or community activist? Do you have stories to tell about restorative justice, the school-to-prison pipeline, homelessness, school funding, sexual health, LGBTQ supports, gender or relationships? Do you know people who have sto

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