Free (!) school support services this fall

Teachers, counselors, administrators... this one's for you.

At BTEC we understand the flurry of activity (and emotions) accompanying a new school year, and the challenges educators face balancing it all while navigating policies, decisions and roadblocks beyond their control.

The excitement of new faces, or familiar ones, wisened by another summer, and the opportunity to start fresh and really get it right this time- these thoughts are tempered with the inevitable questions: What new initiatives are mandated this year? What's going on at home? How will I ever have time to do it all? Why is it sometimes easier to work with literal children than adults? (I'm sorry, we've all been there.)

We get it, and want you to know we're here to help. As part of our community outreach programming (more coming soon), we're offering our support to ensure a smooth start to the school year for Chicago-area educators.

Need linkages to community resources? Want help talking out an upcoming unit, or ideas on how to implement social-emotional programming? We're just an email away:

Be sure to stop by our new Experience page to learn more about what we've done, and don't forget our growing compilation of some of our favorite activities and resources.

Happy fall, and stay tuned for Relatus episode 2, coming soon...

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