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At first I didn't want my parents to hire a tutor because I didn’t want to spend extra time doing work. When I thought of tutoring I figured it would be boring, but now I look forward to meeting with Brea because our meetings are interactive and she lets me decide what topics I’m interested in. My writing has improved and I enjoy our meetings.


Age 12, Enrichment

I've learned that there is no such thing as a perfect parent. Moms make mistakes but we also learn from them. There is always something to learn...Programs like this [are] always a good idea.


Age 21, School-based parenting group

"The training was great! Well balanced between presentation and audience engagement with surveys and response. Unstressful - you didn't call on people that may not wanted to speak out. Asking for volunteers and whole group response was great! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!" - "LOVE the plan. Love that there was action and not so much lecturing on what needs to be done." - "I liked the inclusion of trauma; trauma-informed work is becoming more salient. Appreciated the holistic approach, activities were great!"

Foreman College and Career Academy

Staff feedback, Self-care training

My individual meetings help me because they help me express how I feel about something or someone. I will change how I respond to someone when they're talking to me in a way I don't want to be talked to.


Age 11, School-based individual counseling

[I liked] Being able to express myself more and being more open with problems I have. Also being able to make eye contact while having a conversation, and [understanding] my weaknesses and strengths... I got to know myself more as a person.


Age 18, School-based individual counseling

You help[ed] me learn how far that I could get in life and that I can be something


Age 12, School-based SEL skill group

"I loved the personal examples. You made teachers feel validated and good! Thank you!" - "[This training] will definitely change some of my teaching practices." - "Engaging, charismatic, relevant. Thank you!" - "I appreciated that [the training] included examples - previous trauma trainings have not always gotten to that part"

Orozco Academy

Staff feedback, Trauma training

Brea is a great tutor - she helped me prepare for the ACT. During our time together she has been helpful, accommodating, and patient. She has the right qualities I wanted in a tutor, and I am glad that I met her when I was first searching.


Age 26, Test prep

I spent a quality time learning English thanks to Brea. She was a competent and patient teacher with professional skills. Because of my occupation she always took time for me and my lessons whenever I wanted or needed.


Age 36, Adult ELL

"This was very beneficial and necessary in the work environment." - "Great session that needs to happen often." - "This training made me look at the ways self-care really affects me." - "[It] made me reflect - which I don't normally do."

Dewey School of Excellence

Staff feedback, Self-care training

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